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Staff Image
Aisha Bond by mapal
Chase Parker by mapal
Ryan Reid by mapal
Mark Foster by mapal
Adam Granger by mapal
Aithne Granger by mapal
Image of one of your staff characters! I can even do elves and other fantasy characters :)
Full Shaded Full Body
9672 FLS Andromeda by mapal
Fields of Gold by mapal
The Queen by mapal
The Prince by mapal
The Oncoming Storm by mapal
A full body, full shaded image of your horse with a simple natural background. Rider and tack not included. If you'd like a horse and rider please get in touch and I'll arrange something. Please message me beforehand if you have a horse that's highly unusual in its build, such as more than 4 legs, lots of spikes, etc. in case I feel I won't be able to get it done.
Cell Shaded Full Body
BCS Rannok by mapal
Stuck On You by mapal
Cocksure by mapal
Rojuk by mapal
A full body image of your horse with cell shading. I can do most horses for this but please ask if your horse is highly unusual as I may not be able to do it. I put this limitation on because I don't want you sat waiting for a picture when I've lost motivation for it!
Training Sketch
Glamour - Training by mapal
SS Terra Popular Training by mapal
Coat Weather by mapal
Some Of Us Have Work To Do by mapal
The Exhibitionist by mapal
Loose by mapal
Limited number of training commissions available, ideal for kaaring or show training. You will receive an image like the one above with your specified rider and tack. Please be ready to provide as many references as possible. Please do not send really wacky designs in that will take me forever to do. Odd markings, horns, antlers and wings are fine but things with six legs or skeleton faces will take me forever to do and I'd rather not do them, sorry.
Horse Blankets
FLS Show Blanket by mapal
BCS Blanket by mapal
WS Blanket Design by mapal
LWS Blanket by mapal
FYN Blanket by mapal
Show blankets or individual blankets. Can include a stable logo, names and a variety of colours. Designs can vary, please ask personally for an alteration in straps, tail cover and neck cover!

In your request please include any graphic images, colours and text you'd like including.

Got a breed or stable you want advertising in the AESS? 

2 deviants said All we request is some sort of prize :)
1 deviant said Please drop me a note
No deviants said Adverts on jumps and around the grounds
No deviants said As well as constant promotion in our blogs and on our page

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Horse-Art-RPG Badge by Danesippi


Lady by mapal
Usafutil being trained by Ryan and Aithne
I was gonna do a bg... still might... really tired lol

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Journal Entry: Sun Jan 18, 2015, 7:52 AM
Towards the Sun by mapal
Towards the Sun
Recommended listening: Towards the Sun - Rihanna

Mature content for sexual themes but nothing's actually happening in the picture. Some strong language in the story.

The next part of this story ;)


   They spent the whole night not mentioning the kiss, all through dinner, even after Aisha came back from night rounds, and through supper as well. It was almost as if Aisha had set him a challenge, but Lee felt too cowardly to act on it. Things weren't even awkward. She carried on as if nothing happened, helping with the dishes and chilling out with him and the other stuff. Lee's mind just couldn't stop thinking about it all, about the kiss and what it meant.

When he went to bed, he was still lingering on it. With some movement in his legs now thanks to the physiotherapy, he could thankfully get himself into bed without calling for Aisha and having to deal with her being so close, so personal, with her hands on his body. He didn't know how he would react right then. They had been intimate before, actually, so he could make a good guess at how he would react. He settled down under the quilt as the light in the hallway flicked off. Not that he really needed to go to bed because he sure as hell didn't sleep much by the time the birds were chirping and the sun was rising just above the trees.

Dawn was the time everything started at Angelus. He could count the minutes from the first light breaking to people starting to bustle around. It must have been five in the morning but he could hear the shower running and the crowd starting to form at the breakfast table. So many of them lived in at the Estate, taking advantage of the many rooms in the main house. It made them one huge family, complete with bickering, which Chase and Mark proved as they walked past his room in a heated debate about the toilet privileges.

Lee was just thinking about making a move when there was a soft knock at the door. His heart almost repeated the knock, recognising the familiarity. Shit. Home physio time. “Yeah, I'm decent,” he called, the door opening a moment later.

“Thank God. Last thing I want to see is boy parts,” she said with a grin as she walked in. Real funny.

“They're icky, right?” he muttered, unable to help the returning grin.

“More than you know.” She moved his wheelchair away from the bed and then threw the quilt off him, making him grope helplessly for the fabric that had been covering the unfortunate effects of morning. “Don't be silly. No time for dignity here, I have to grab breakfast and then do the morning feeds.”

“So, you're the unlucky bastard today?” he asked as she started to run her hands down his thighs to ease up the knotted muscles and the cramp there.

“Shut up. You get excused from all the bum jobs.”

They fell into a comfortable silence as Aisha worked on the methods she had been shown by the doctor, working the legs to build up the muscles slowly and gently. They had been doing this for ages now, and recently the doctor had told him to start working on walking again. He didn't see how it was possible. He still hardly had any feeling in his legs. Walking on them was like floating in the air.

“Right. The doctor wants you to try walking to the other end of the room now we've got standing with an aid figured out,” Aisha said, breaking their silence. Lee started to sit up, pushing himself up on his arms, and then swung himself around so his legs were hanging off the bed.

“I still don't see how I'm supposed to walk on these things. They're like noodles,” he grumbled. She snorted a laugh and lifted his hands to her shoulders.

“We'll get them to be strong noodles, you'll see.”

With her hands on his waist and his hands on her shoulders, he hauled himself up using his upper body until he was stood shakily. Who would have thought that once it was so easy to walk. People took it for advantage. “I still can't really feel them,” he said quietly as he swayed a little, Aisha's hands firm just under his ribs. “I can feel... some parts.”

“The doctor said you might start feeling more and more as you start using them.”

“Or I might never be able to walk on my own, and never feel any more than this.”

It was like they were suspended in time, stood looking at each other and neither moving. “Don't talk like that,” she said quietly, “I'm a great believer in the power of hope. If you think you'll get better, you stand a better chance. Doubting yourself well... that doesn't end well.”

Aisha was an expert in healing, especially internally. On the surface Lee wanted to argue with her, tell her that just hoping it'll get better wasn't a real medical method. Deep down, however, he believed her. How could he ever doubt her when she looked at him so honestly and clearly with her electric blue eyes?

It was like his legs weren't the only things he didn't have control of as his hand lifted to cradle her jaw gently. His heart was racing, breath coming a little faster, as he trailed his fingers across her smooth skin. All she did was watch him quietly, eyes only darting down to his lips briefly before returning to his own gaze.

“Is this just going to be a one night stand again?” he asked quietly.

“It's five in the morning,” she quipped easily.

“You know what I mean,” he grumbled. She fell silent for a moment before she spoke again.

“Does it feel like a one night stand?”

No. No it didn't. It felt like something he had been waiting for, something the whole universe had worked towards. He slowly closed the distance until there was just a millimetre between their lips, their breath mingling in the close space. Another pause in time, the perfect angle of the pendulum after its rise before it swung down again.

It felt like a dam broke as he kissed her, eliminating the distance between them. He wrapped one arm around her shoulders to keep himself steady, trusting her to stop him from toppling over, as the other tangled in her hair, the kiss deepening fast.

After a moment he felt himself going backwards and almost panicked until he realised that Aisha was guiding him, lowering him down until they could fall back safely onto the bed, Aisha easily settling in his lap with her legs on either side of him. “What part of the physio is this?” he breathed, hands slipping up under her loose pyjama shirt.

“The fun part.”

Image, Characters & Story © mapal

YHH Dressage Training by mapal
YHH Dressage Training


Gonna maybe do a few of these :3

Aithne likes to train balance and posture by taking away stirrups, and then saddles.

The starting bid for each blank horse is 300 :points:

There is no buyout.

Please reply to the correct comment for the horse you want to bid on and please bid in increments of 10 :points: or a multiple of 10, also PLEASE REPLY TO THE MOST RECENT HIGHEST BID ON YOUR COMMENT THREAD

This auction ends in three days, on the 26th of May, at 12pm BST

Additions can be made, such as feathers and horns, and rider genders can be changed as I left them rather androgynous for now. 

Enjoy, and please drop in any questions :D


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