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Staff Image
Aisha Bond by mapal
Chase Parker by mapal
Ryan Reid by mapal
Mark Foster by mapal
Adam Granger by mapal
Aithne Granger by mapal
Image of one of your staff characters! I can even do elves and other fantasy characters :)
Full Shaded Full Body
9672 FLS Andromeda by mapal
Fields of Gold by mapal
The Queen by mapal
The Prince by mapal
The Oncoming Storm by mapal
A full body, full shaded image of your horse with a simple natural background. Rider and tack not included. If you'd like a horse and rider please get in touch and I'll arrange something. Please message me beforehand if you have a horse that's highly unusual in its build, such as more than 4 legs, lots of spikes, etc. in case I feel I won't be able to get it done.
Cell Shaded Full Body
BCS Rannok by mapal
Stuck On You by mapal
Cocksure by mapal
Rojuk by mapal
A full body image of your horse with cell shading. I can do most horses for this but please ask if your horse is highly unusual as I may not be able to do it. I put this limitation on because I don't want you sat waiting for a picture when I've lost motivation for it!
Training Sketch
Glamour - Training by mapal
SS Terra Popular Training by mapal
Coat Weather by mapal
Some Of Us Have Work To Do by mapal
The Exhibitionist by mapal
Loose by mapal
Limited number of training commissions available, ideal for kaaring or show training. You will receive an image like the one above with your specified rider and tack. Please be ready to provide as many references as possible. Please do not send really wacky designs in that will take me forever to do. Odd markings, horns, antlers and wings are fine but things with six legs or skeleton faces will take me forever to do and I'd rather not do them, sorry.
Horse Blankets
FLS Show Blanket by mapal
BCS Blanket by mapal
WS Blanket Design by mapal
LWS Blanket by mapal
FYN Blanket by mapal
Show blankets or individual blankets. Can include a stable logo, names and a variety of colours. Designs can vary, please ask personally for an alteration in straps, tail cover and neck cover!

In your request please include any graphic images, colours and text you'd like including.
1 deviant said I kinda really want to get the ball rolling a little
No deviants said I'd be really grateful if you could sign and share this for me ;-;

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Horse-Art-RPG Badge by Danesippi



Journal Entry: Thu Jul 30, 2015, 7:27 AM

So a little update on me because I know I've been inactive and getting behind and so on.

I started a new job a few weeks ago. It's shit and I hate it but I needed to earn money. It stresses me out a lot. So much that it's made an existing condition worse.

I used to have an inflamed stomach lining and it went away for quite some time, but now it's back and I feel so unbelievably sick most of the time. Added to the pain and the exhaustion from getting up before 5am every morning, that leaves me feeling less than amazing.

But I'm moving house this weekend after my dad's latest venture with a mail order bride seems to have failed, after he invited this fictional person to my house without asking me, kept it a secret from me, and asked my boyfriend to keep it from me too. That and this morning, after I went to work, he told Stephen that this woman would be here at 10 today. So far she hasn't turned up, but he didn't bother informing me at all and it was Stephen who told me.

I'm fed up and tired and pissed off and sick and in pain. This is never ending and all I want to do is draw in the comfort of my own home.

So that's what I'm doing lately.

HIEF - Angelus Estate Summer Show

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 4, 2015, 2:15 PM


Starts: 15th May 2015
Pre-Registration Begins: 10th May 2015

DEADLINE: 1st September 2015

Sanctioned by The-Eventing-Society and H-I-E-F 

Location: Mavis Enderby, Lincolnshire, UK
Angelus Estate - Map by mapal

Welcome to the first annual Angelus Estate Summer Show, hosted by mapal's Firelight Stables and amour-interdit's Somesmera Stables. AESS is a huge show designed to provide a wide variety of opportunities for horses of all levels. Please read the rules carefully before entering and have a great time :heart:

If you would like to donate any prizes please let us know. It might look sparse at the minute but trust me we will make it worthwhile placing in this show :)


  • Registration is required.
  • Fantasy breeds are allowed but flying horses or horses with flying abilities are not permitted in Show Jumping and Cross Country
  • Horses should be over 5 years old
  • Stables may enter a maximum of two horses per class. That does not mean divisions, but classes. So for example you may enter a horse in dressage intermediate and advanced, and show jumping elite and intermediate, but you cannot enter horses in more than two divisions per class.
  • A horse may only enter one division in a class. So horse A cannot enter dressage intermediate and advanced.
  • Horses may only enter in one discipline. If you think your horse is an all-rounder, then consider the Three Day Event.
  • There is a cap on extra images. Please read the judging section for more information.
  • The cap on how many horses can enter each class and how many classes a horse can enter is to prevent people from bombarding the event with entries to increase their chance of winning. You have two shots per class to win, so you need to put in the effort to make it good. We want quality, not quantity.
  • Divisions: You will notice three divisions in the Dressage, SJ, and XC classes. This is to give a chance for more inexperienced horses to do well and for experienced horses to go up against others of their own skill level. To enter Intermediate, your horse needs no prior show entries but some training is recommended. To enter Advanced, your horse must have entered two shows in that discipline before, placing doesn't matter. To enter Elite, your horse must have entered three shows in that discipline and have placed 3rd or higher in at least one. To enter the Three Day Event, your horse should have competed in one of the included disciplines or at least have a training image available.
  • Required Images:You must draw one image per horse per division entered, except for TDE where you must draw your horse three times, once for each discipline. You may create a collage of images for your TDE entry as long as the full body of the horse is included three times.


  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Elite

Show Jumping:
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Elite

Cross Country
  • Intermediate
  • Advanced
  • Elite

  • TDE Advanced

Spurs are not permitted at Intermediate level. Correct attire should be worn for all classes. Double bits are NOT required, please use whatever tack your horse is most comfortable with. Bitless is permitted. Horses must wear both a saddle and a bridle.

See the show jumping and cross country obstacles here. Where a jump isn't provided for the cross country, you may create one. Feel free to take creative license on the show jumping courses!


Held on Angelus Estate's 212 acre land, with two Olympic sized show jumping rings and two dressage rings. Training rings are also available as well as a vet center with aqua-therapy and a treadmill. Stabling is available for all show horses.

The show is held at the beginning of August and the weather will be a warm 21-26 Celsius, so please ensure that all horses are kept cool and hydrated.


Friday: Warm and bright, little cloud cover. Highs of 24C
  • Arrival – 8am to 1pm
  • Lunch provided in the dining hall – 12pm to 3pm
  • Dinner party – 6pm to 10pm

Saturday: Warm and humid with some cloud cover. Highs of 22C
  • Intermediate Dressage – Ring 1 – 9am to 12pm
  • Advanced Dressage – Ring 2 – 1pm to 4pm
  • Intermediate Jumping – Ring 3 – 9am to 12pm
  • Advanced Jumping – Ring 4 – 1pm to 4pm
  • TDE Dressage – Ring 1 – 1pm to 4pm

Sunday: Hot and humid after a night of rain, some clouds still hanging around. Highs of 25C
  • Intermediate Cross Country – XC Starting Gate – 8am to 11am
  • Elite Dressage – Ring 1 – 9am to 12pm
  • Elite Jumping – Ring 3 – 9am to 12pm
  • Advanced Cross Country – XC Starting Gate – 1pm to 4pm
  • TDE Jumping – Ring 4 – 1pm to 4pm

Monday: Hot and bright with no cloud cover. Highs of 26C
  • Elite Cross Country – XC Starting Gate – 9am to 12pm
  • TDE Cross Country – XC Starting Gate – 1pm to 4pm
  • Award Ceremony – 5pm to 10pm


To book a stable for your horses, simply go to our Stable Booking journal and follow the instructions there.


If you have a horse you would like to loan for the show or would like to loan one yourself, please visit our Loaning journal and follow instructions there. We do not allow the charging of points for loans, the reward for offering your horse up for loan is art and the chance of gaining some win statistics. The reward for loaning a horse? Well you get the prizes and you might get the chance to work with some of your favourite horses.


To donate prizes, drop us a message!
This is by no means the final list. Point boosts may be added to higher divisions and extra goodies may be included.

All Participants:

1st Place in Division:
  • 100 :points: from mapal
  • Realistic speedpaint headshot of winning horse from mapal
  • Breeding with any horse from WhingedDreamingRose
  • Design from WhingedDreamingRose
  • 1st Place in TDE only: Training place at Rose Garden Stables, courtesy of WhingedDreamingRose
  • 1st Place in any Intermediate and Advanced Division: Normal full custom (no mutations) Maresque horse courtesy of Jian89
  • 1st Place in any Advanced and Elite Division: Custom Vinstra Warmblood, courtesy of Vinstra-Warmblood only one per person
  • 1st Place in any Intermediate Division: Custom Vinstra Warmblood, courtesy of Vinstra-Warmblood - only one per person
  • 1st Place in Dressage Advanced and Elite Divisions: Custom Rare Mutation, courtesy of EuropeanDrakenEquine
  • 1st Place in all Elite Classes and TDE: 100 :points:, courtesy of cheddarbug
  • 1st Place in all Advanced Classes: Detailed Headshot, courtesy of cheddarbug
  • 1st Place in all Intermediate Classes: Basic Headshot, courtesy of cheddarbug
  • 1st Place in Elite Divisions: Custom Breeding Pair of Camira Horses from the Camira-Horse group, mare comes prebred with the stallion if desired
  • 1st Place in Advanced Divisions: Custom Camira-Horse mare, pregnant with group stallion of winners choice
  • 1st Place in Intermediate Divisions: Custom Camira-Horse stallion

2nd Place in Division:

3rd Place in Division:
  • 25 :points: from mapal
  • Sketch headshot of winning horse mapal

If you are loaning a horse, the prize art will be of a horse of your choosing and you will receive the points for your hard work. If you are the owner of the winning horse but it was loaned out, you can purchase the prize image for just 20 :points:


Want to be a judge? Drop us a message letting us know why, and what experience you've had before.

There is a cap on extra images. This is to prevent sketchy images from boosting points beyond competition. Please read the following carefully:
  • You may produce three extra images from around the grounds which are worth 2 score points each. These images must be fully shaded and with a hand drawn background to count.
  • You may produce three training images for your horse's discipline that are worth 4 score points each. These images, again, must be fully shaded and with a hand drawn background to count. The rider should also be in view somewhere.
  • Extra images of your staff at the opening dinner party or the award's ceremony will earn all your entered horses points. You may produce three images that are worth 3 score points each. The images should be fully shaded with a hand drawn background.
  • You may produce three extra and three training images per horse. Drawing more than one horse in one picture will give points to all horses in the picture. Including horses belonging to other owners will give all your horses up to three 2 point boosts and will give the other horses from other owners that are included a 2 point boost also. You may only receive up to five point boosts in total from other people drawing your horses.
  • :new: Please include class info and your horse number in the comments on your entry images, as well as a link back to this show. :new:
  • </b>

This is an effort based show with a small random element. Please read the below carefully to understand how to maximise your points.
  • Background Accuracy - up to 10 points
  • Photo background - 0 points
  • Clothing and Tack Accuracy - up to 10 points
  • Rider Effort based on your gallery - up to 10 points
  • Horse Effort based on your gallery - up to 10 points
  • Background Effort based on your gallery - up to 10 points
  • Entry number included in image - 5 points
  • General effort and appeal score at judge's discretion - 15 points
  • Random Element - up to 20 points created from 4 sets of numbers.

Effort will NOT be judged against your other entries, only previous drawings in your gallery.


To enter is simple. Just fill out the form below for each horse entered and send it as a note to mapal. Do NOT miss out any information.


Horse Name:
Horse Age:
Horse Breed:
Rider Name:
Rider Age:


AESS Entrants

Journal Entry: Thu Jun 4, 2015, 2:17 PM



#002 FLS Imminent Collision ridden by Michael Moore for Firelight-Stables - mapal

#003 Blacklisted Askeboda ridden by Susanne Borg for Askeboda - Askeboda 

#004 007 TA Secret Agent ridden by Autumn Laurent for Tanglewood Acres - TanglewoodAcres 


#001 SBE Black Moon ridden by Angel Gin for Silverbrook Equestrian - xbellezax 

#002 Controvento ridden by Sofia del Bono for Avventura Aspetta - slanciato 

#003 MS Destano ridden by Amy Reese for Miare Stables - MiareStables


#002 ALS Chiechi Occhi Vedi ridden by Artemis Aftgood for Antique Lace Stables - AntiqueFyreStables

#003 L005 Benjamin Brown ridden by Corey Jacobs for Stonewall Stables - shown by SpyteFrie owned by Joybird 



#002 Vanilla Sky ridden by Lennart Kyriakos for Imperium-Stables - Shadoweses

#003 FLS Chocolate Box Beauty ridden by Aisha Bond for Firelight-Stables - mapal

RMS Mystery in the Forest ridden by Jasmine for Meadow Stables - tilachihuahua 


#001 FLS Greek To Me ridden by Isabelle Payne for Firelight-Stables - mapal


#001 SM Alpha & Omega ridden by Sophia Marlink for Slightly Mad Stables - SlightlyMadStables

#002 ALS A Lack of Color ridden by Becket Tredeu for Antique Lace Stables - AntiqueFyreStables



#002 FLS Collector's Edition ridden by David Elliott for Firelight-Stables - mapal

#003 Elsiwen ridden by Memui for GoldenTree - Memuii

#004 SS One Stop Renovation ridden by Kyoya Sweeney for Somesmera Stables - amour-interdit

8540 CMS Clouds Over Convoy ridden by Bradley Dunn for Thistlebird Ranch; on lease from Crimson Meadow Stables (raffiqueart) - Thistlebird-Ranch 

SeE Peppermelon ridden by Arianna Lovestrange for Starless Element Equestrian Center - Jessa-bee 




#002 HHS Leonardo DaVinci ridden by Jake O'Mara for Hidden Hood Stables - LionXS

#003 SS Sadron ridden by Yvonne Remus for Cliffside Stables - breyersnstuff 
AESS -Sadron Dressage by breyersnstuff

#004 SWS Gra Moonlight ridden by Katie McNally for Shadow Walker Stables - LightningTheif

#005 A1222 Chardonay ridden by Nicole Dunn for Thistlebird Ranch - Thistlebird-Ranch 

#006 SeE Absolut Pleasure ridden by Melissa Macintosh for Starless Element Equestrian Center - Jessa-bee 

#007 White Lions' Watch Him Dance ridden by Charlie Fenimore for White Lions Orchard - WhiteLionsOrchard 

#008 White Lions' As the Dove Flies ridden by Alex Renwick for White Lions Orchard - WhiteLionsOrchard 


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TanglewoodAcres Featured By Owner 1 day ago
Hello there, I put in a commission request for a horse blanket, and I believe it was accepted (unless I'm mistaken XD) and I was just wondering how you were doing with that etc :) 
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There you are xD I put a post out because the stuff I needed disappeared LOL I wasn't smart enough to think to look in my points thing until a few days ago

that and I've been so sick and busy lately its unbelievable. Tell me what you wanted again in a note and I'll try to get it done next week after I've moved house :)
WiskeyandFlapjacks Featured By Owner Jun 18, 2015  New Deviant Student Digital Artist
If you are interested in a horse art role playing game in a school like atmosphere you should check out this group BellumRidingAcademy. Enrollment is currently open from now until September. Thanks for your time :D
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